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Analysis is the key in the advanced society where information and data play crucial roles. In addition to analytical infrastructures, safety and secured environments for protecting data are key to every organisation. The confidentiality of designs, processes and data protections are inevitable in this competitive environment., reliability. Our commitment to excellence in transport ensures that you travel in a highly maintained vehicle. We pride ourselves as a quality concierge transport service. Our motto “From here to there with care”

mediaisystem focuses cryptography & cybersecurity products for sensitive segments such as corporates, engineering / manufacturing companies & financial institutes. It has been providing cryptography solutions with hardware based crypto-keys and in mobile phones.

The federal government has suffered a nearly 680% increase in cyber security breaches in the past six years. (Face the Facts USA) Sean Henry, an assistant director of the FBI, says that so far this year, cyber criminals have stolen over $100 million from US banks. (The Congressional Cybersecurity Caucus) Nation-states, not hackers, are most likely to launch successful cyber terrorist attacks against classified networks and critical infrastructure. They have the necessary discipline, resources, and commitment. (CIO.com) About 10% of all social media users have received a cyber-threat. More than 600,000 accounts are compromised every day on Facebook alone. (Floridatechonline.com) A whopping 59% of employees steal proprietary corporate data when they quit or are fired. (Ponemon Institute) 53% of U.S companies expressed little to no confidence to stopping security breaches in the next 12 months. (Rolandtech.com)


Major Segments for Analysis
Fracture Analyses

Nonlinear Dynamic

Crash Simulations

Coupling Field


Drop Test

Fatigue / Failure

Transient Phase